In spring 2011 CoLab developed a partnership with the Serrafix group to work on a Boston-area Foundation-supported project to launch scalable energy efficiency programs that reduce energy consumption by 20% by the year 2020. The project involved working with Massachusetts mayors on:

  • Building strategic city-utility partnerships;
  • Penetrating the commercial sector;
  • Deploying innovative community-based outreach; and
  • Eliminating structural barriers to participation.

Serrafix is a mission oriented consulting group that works to provide strategy, analysis, financing, and logistical know-how to find and implement energy improvement opportunities for buildings and transportation. CoLab’s Amy Stitely worked with Serrafix to support the launch new energy efficiency initiatives in the following cities:

The project culminated in summer 2012 with the release of the EE2020 Toolkit, a handbook for mayors, city leaders, and community activists who seek guidance on either starting or accelerating energy efficiency retrofits in their communities. For more information, visit the EE2020 website.